This eponymous blog is a collection of posts related to architectural thinking, urbanism and the visual and literary culture around them. However, it’s not as such a critical undertaking, much more, it is a private practice of reading and seeing.


A short bio:

Mika Savela graduated as an architect from the Aalto University in Finland. He has practiced professionally in urban design and architecture, as well as in more cross-disciplinary forms of design, editing, publishing and curating. He also regularly writes about architecture, cities and various observations around them.

He is a co-founder of Selim, a Helsinki-based creative platform for editorial, curatorial, visual and spatial projects.

Currently, he’s based in Hong Kong, where his PhD research project in the School of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong deals with curatorial practice and its contemporary historical narrative of the new Chinese urbanism. At CUHK, he also contributes to the teaching and publications of the M.Sc in Urban Design program.



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