I am an architect, designer and urbanist. Originally from Helsinki, I studied architecture at the Aalto University and have practiced in the fields of urban design and architecture, as well as more cross-discipline forms of design, publishing and exhibiting. I also write about architecture, cities and various observations around them.

Subtitled “Research and practice in the urbanity" my eponymous blog collects more or less daily notes about architecture, urbanism, sites, places and their representations, as well as snippets of both the quirky and the heroic visual histories of modernism(s). Recurrent themes are also the cultural production of cities, whether contemporary or historical, and the juxtaposition of urban and the non-urban, rural or natural, intended and accidental. However, this blog is not as such a project, much more it is observations, findings and a personal practice.

Currently, I’m based mostly in Hong Kong. My PhD research at the School of Architecture CUHK deals with curatorial practices and the contemporary visions of Chinese urbanism. I’m also involved with the M.Sc. in Urban Design program, its teaching, publications and events.

You can reach me by email at mika(at)mikasavela.com



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Research and Practice in the Urbanity.
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